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The maxview precision is a tripod based manual satellite dish which can be used to receive UK TV channels in the UK & into Europe whilst on your travels quickly and easily.

The precision has Pre assembled parts for quick and easy set up it has a unique and easy to read elevation control and indicator, when stowed the lnb arm has a Magnetic lock to keep it in place, there is an integrated Sat Finder for easy location of the desired satellite, a level indicator and unique satelite zone reduces the margin for error when searching.


> Twin or single LNB options

> Dish size options 55cm, 65 or 75cm

> 2 year guarantee

> Designed and manufactured in the UK

> Compass

> Tripod with Bag

> Satellite Holdall

> 10m Flexible Cable

> Ground Pegs

> Elevation Map

> Quick set up guide

> Illustrated instructions

Dimensions & Weights:

55cm variant H:156cm x W: 100cm - 6.1kg

65cm variant H:164cm x W: 100cm - 6.6kg

75cm variant H:172cm x W: 100cm - 7kg


55cm kit £215.00 Twin £235.00

65cm kit £265.00 Twin £285.00

75cm kit £315.00 Twin £335.00