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Oyster Cytrac DX Satellite System DX ®

The CyTrac DX ® is a new flat satellite antenna that has been specifically developed for the demands in the leisure sector.

The Oyster Cytrac measures an ultra slim 14 cm total height and its compact design make the CyTrac suitable for almost all vehicle roofs especially since the outdoor unit rotates only in the open state i.e. once the dish has raised.

Innovative antenna technology - easy to use , the heart of the Oyster CyTrac consists of 1016 coupled single antennas, arranged like a honeycomb. The signal accumulation is done using advanced computational methods which ensures optimum performance

Manual Skew on LNB possible.

Compared to other flat antennas of the same size, the performance of the CyTrac was significantly increased, so that several hundred kilometers further reception range will be achievable.

Optionally, the Oyster CyTrac DX ® is also available with TWIN LNB.

Oyster Cytrac is receiver independant and can be used with FreeSat / Free To Air / Sky receivers.

3 Year Warranty

Oyster Cytrac dish is 56cm / 56cm but equivalent to performance of a standard 65cm system.

Software updates possible via SD Card

Cytrac single lnb installed price £2250.00


Cytrac twin lnb installed price £2350.00



The prices above are installed prices at your home or work based in somerset  supplements may apply in other counties   

Oyster Warranty  (as quoted )

“Oyster sat-tech currently operate a back to base warranty. If the system fails within the first three months and the customer did not want to travel to us I would expect we would come to some sort of arrangement. After this period it is still a back to base warranty. We always advise the customers to come to us where everything would be free. If they do not want to travel to us and would rather take it to a dealer near to them then we would normally advise that we would supply any parts to the dealer but they may charge for labour. Whilst the customer has the option to travel to a dealer closer to them rather than come to us we certainly would not expect a dealer to travel to them”