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The latest model from Germanies leading satellite manufacturer, lighter and flatter when folded than previous models



One thing that sets apart the Oyster V from its predecessors is the ease of updating.

Unexpected satellite frequency changes can be frustrating, even more so if they occur whilst you are away on holiday and the first you are aware of them is your satellite system can’t find the satellite.

Often, an update is all that is needed but if you are away from home you might not have access to equipment to do this. The Oyster V resolves this problem as it can be updated online via your smartphone (or, alternatively, via a USB memory stick).

For your Oyster® V you can download a free app that not only lets you update your satellite system but also offers many other useful features such as notifications immediately there is a change in the satellite characteristics. Technical problems may also be diagnosed with the Oyster® app.


Oyster v single lnb               £2450

Oyster v twin lnb                 £2550

Oyster v single lnb a/skew    £2650

Oyster v Twin lnb A/skew      £2750

The prices above are installed prices at your home or work based in somerset  supplements may apply in other counties