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The maxview Crankup is based on the maxview Target but with out the motors so its a Manual, roof mounted system - How does it work?

The crankup has an internal handle which is used to elevate the dish and then turn it into positionthe mechanism allows you to effortlessly rais and rotat the dish to locate and lock onto your favourite UK TV channels, anywhere in the UK and across into Europe.

The handle shown is mounted onto a vehicle roof.

Improved handle design with clear and precise elevation display

Low streamline profile, only 17cm in height in park position

Cable entry junction box allows for the system to be fitted in the most convenient position on roof

Easy to align using the ceiling mounted ‘Crank Up” handle and elevation zone map

Twin LNB as standard - Designed for use with SKY +/HD or free to air receiver with hard drive recording. Alternatively can be used to feed two separate receivers for independent working

Designed for permanent mounting, but can be transferred to another vehicle

Complete with Operation and Set Up Guide

- 3 year guarantee


Weight - 9kg - 65cm Offset Aluminium Antenna 36dB gain


Antenna Unit Weight - 10kg- 85cm Offset Aluminium Antenna

- 38.1dB gain

85cm twin lnb fitted price £795.00

The prices above are installed prices at your home or work based in somerset  supplements may apply in other counties