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Prices start from just £1750 fully installed, including vat
Maxview Target

Pop up satellite dishes lay flat on the roof then raise up when Switched on, they give the user reception further into Europe Due to the size of dish but are more expensive than smaller dishes and are susceptible to strong winds. There is no advantage in the uk

Automatic Satellite Domes
Prices start from just £950 fully installed, including vat
Satellite domes

Dome satellite systems are generally cheaper than pop up dishes, they can however increase the overall height of the vehicle, domes vary from 26cm high to 40cm, not affected by wind but do limit reception to the UK and about 1/2 of France

Manual & Portable Satellite Systems

Manual and Portable satellites offer a cost effective way to receive satellite on the move, the new tripod system the precision makes finding the satellite even easier, maxview also produce the popular crankup system for installation on the roof.

Prices start from just £195 including vat

Satellite tv is a process where you have a dish that receives the satellite signal and a receiver or satellite enabled TV that converts the signal to a picture, the advantage over normal freeview Tv is that the signal comes from the same place no matter where you are in europe, it is also on the same wavelength so no need to retune, and you can receive Uk tv stations abroad as well. just like freeview, free to air is free once you have the equipment.


There are many manufacturers of satellite systems. Some are manual and some automatic, you can get portable satellite which you set up on site or have a system mounted to the roof of your caravan or Motorhome, which one is the best ?, well most do the same job, the real question is which one suits your needs and budget you don’t need to buy the most expensive to get the same result, over the years we have fitted many different systems and the market has changed a lot, here are our choices   

Satellite domes