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The Mecatronic ASR 800 Automatic satellite system with a TWIN-LNB, offering you the possibility to watch, separately, different programs on the same satellite position by using 2 satellite receivers.

Version equipped with a LED-display (7 different satellite positions : Hot Bird (13°E),Astra 1 (19.2°E), Astra 2 (28°E), Thor (1°W), Sirius (5°E), Atlantic Bird (5°W), Hispasat (30°W)

Technical specifications of the ASR 800 DF :

Offset antenna (80cm)

Twin LNB with noise figure 0.2dbmax

Fully automatic search system via NID (DVB-S2 standard EN300 468)

Power Supply : 12V (-20%/+30%)

Power consumption during search : max. 4A

Power consumption in standbye : less than 5mA

Fuse : 5A

Weighth : 15,8 Kg

Mecatronic ASR 800 DF

ASR 800  fitted price          £1799.00


The prices above are installed prices at your home or work based in somerset  supplements may apply in other counties   

3 Year Warranty

We all know that even a small issue on a fitted product can be a major headache once its left the showroom. At SR Mecatronic UK we do things differently. Our 3 Year “Fit and Forget” Warranty on all systems means that, in the very unlikely event of a failure, our engineer will be on site, anywhere in the UK, to repair or replace the system within 48 hours!