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The SatFi range gives a master class in performance, features and sets the benchmark for satellite dome technology.

The satfi UK+ one of the lowest domes on the market at only 26cm high and 70cm across, then there’s the first full-size 36cm dome to use a high gain Cassegrain reflector, The Satfi EU  Tv reception  coupled with GPS aided LNB autoskew the SatFi range ensures the best possible satellite TV reception. Using the very latest in DVB-S2 satellite tracking the SatFi  is at the forefront of satellite dome technology and is easily updateable via USB.


The SatFi  also comes with our unique wake on demand feature and automatic DiSEqC satellite switching making multi-satellite viewing totally hassle-free.

SatFi offer a range of Digital Satellite Domes, High Performance Domes and Autoskew Satellite Domes for Digital TV for use with motorhomes, caravans, coaches, RVs  and camping.


SatFi UK + Twin LNB fitted price £1499

SatFi EU Twin LNB and GPS Autoskew fitted price  £1999