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Avaliable in single or twin LNB Auto Skew, and Sky Q,variants

The Connect brings smart technology to your satellite system, offering the ultimate convenience. The free Connect app offers full control of your system, with the additional benefit of automatic software updates ensuring uninterrupted viewing and a greater range of satellites. Wherever you travel, Connect ensures you can stay connected. Press and go, the convenience of having all your TV channels ready to watch in an instant at the touch of a button

Wireless Control - Wireless control from your smart phone or tablet.

Software Updates - Wireless updates via the Connect App, to future proof your system.

Change Satellite Packs - Seemlessly switch between satellite packs for a greater choice of satellites.

Low Aerodynamic Profile - In parked position, dish collapses to a height of just 17cm.

5 Pre-programmed Satellites - Programmed with 5 major satellites for UK and European TV.

Quick Search Time - The average search time for the Connect is just 30-60 seconds.

Ignition Safety System - The Connect will automatically collapse the dish when the vehicle ignition is started.

Flexible Mounting Position - The Cable Entry Cover allows the system to be mounted in a position to suit the user and vehicle.

65cm and 85cm Dish Options - All systems designed for operation and reception in the UK and Europe.

65 cm single lnb installed..  £1965

65 cm twin lnb installed....  £1995

85 cm single lnb installed.. £2065

85 cm twin lnb installed....  £2099

The prices above are installed prices at your home or work based in somerset  supplements may apply in other counties   

65 cm Quad lnb installed..  £2149

85 cm Quad lnb installed....£2249

65 cm sky Q lnb installed.. £2049

85 cm sky Q lnb installed...£2099

Standard specification

Sky Q and FTA